Hans-Günther Sonntag

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Social phobia is increasingly recognized as a prevalent and socially impairing mental disorder. However, little data is available regarding the general and disease-specific impairments and disabilities associated with social phobia. Furthermore, most studies have not controlled for the confounding effects of comorbid conditions. This study investigates: (a)(More)
Cerebral perfusion pressure is commonly calculated from the difference between mean arterial pressure and intracranial pressure because intracranial pressure is known to represent the effective downstream pressure of the cerebral circulation. Studies of other organs, however, have shown that effective downstream pressure is determined by a critical closing(More)
To investigate associations between social anxiety and smoking behaviour in order to explore whether social anxiety predicts the first onset of cigarette smoking, regular smoking and the development of nicotine dependence. Baseline and four-year follow-up data from the Early Developmental Stages of Psychopathology Study (EDSP), a prospective-longitudinal(More)
Fourteen meningococcal strains were selected towards rifampicin resistance in a stepwise manner in vitro; final MICs were between 8 and >256 microg ml(-1). Sequence analysis of a 295 bp subgenic fragment of the RNA polymerase beta-subunit (rpoB) gene from the original and the fully resistant strains revealed that, with one exception, the strain pairs(More)
BACKGROUND The Rudolf Schuelke Foundation addresses topics related to hygiene, infection prevention and public health. In this context a panel of scientists from various European countries discussed "The Role of Surface Disinfection in Infection Prevention". The most important findings and conclusions of this meeting are summarised in the present consensus(More)
In developing hygiene strategies, in recent years, the major focus has been on the hands as the key route of infection transmission. However, there is a multitude of lesser-known and underestimated reservoirs for microorganisms which are the triggering sources and vehicles for outbreaks or sporadic cases of infection. Among those are water reservoirs such(More)
There has been a major change in the basic approach taken to hospital hygiene practices, and indeed to infection control within the hospital on the whole. Whereas as recently as the 1990s lectures on the topic of hand disinfection at international congresses were confined to "the periphery of the congress", today several keynote speakers address this issue(More)
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