Hans -Günter Neumann

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES During the last few years there have been many articles in various newspapers about the unhealthy nutrition of children. It was the aim of this study to find out about the state of nutrition and exercise among the children at our school, a Gymnasium (secondary or grammar school) in Mannheim, Germany. METHODS We distributed(More)
From investigations of the metabolism of many carcinogenic compounds emerged the concept of the metabolic activation to reactive metabolites. This led to the conclusion that ultimate reactive forms are trapped to a major extent by unspecific reactions with noncritical cell constituents. To evaluate the consequences with regard to the question of the(More)
WÄhrend wir von der Filaria bancrofti wissen, da\ sie zu ernsthaften Erkrankungen, wie der Elephantiasis arabum, führen kann, sind solche, hervorgerufen durch Filaria loa, im Schrifttum nicht bekannt. Abgesehen von dem durchRodenwaldt beschriebenen Falle, in dem der Wurm in die Epiglottisgegend wanderte und Erstickungsgefahr bestand, sind die durch Filaria(More)
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