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We study convergence properties of the simple upwind difference scheme and a Galerkin finite element method on generalized Shishkin grids. We derive conditions on the mesh-characterizing function that are sufficient for the convergence of the method, uniformly with respect to the perturbation parameter. These conditions are easy to check and enable one to(More)
In the years 1974 to 1981, herniography was performed in 78 athletes with groin pain. The investigation comprised 101 painful groin sides in 23 athletes with bilateral symptoms. Before herniography, a hernia was palpated in only eight (7.9 percent) groins with pain. Hernias were found at herniography in 84.2 percent of the symptomatic groin sides and in(More)
A singularly perturbed quasi-linear two-point boundary value problem with an exponential boundary layer is considered. The problem is discretized using a nonstandard upwinded first-order difference scheme on generalized Shishkin-type meshes. We give a uniform error estimate in a discrete L∞ norm. Numerical experiments support the theoretical results.
BACKGROUND Several scoring systems have been proposed in order to quantify the degree of cartilage damage observed by arthroscopy of the knee in patients with osteoarthritis. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the inter-observer reliability of five different scoring systems of arthroscopic evaluation for chondropathy in osteoarthritis of the knee and to evaluate the(More)
Neurologic manifestations of lymphomatoid granulomatosis occur in 20-30% of cases. The disease is primarily an unusual form of pulmonary angiitis, and was first described in 1972 by Liebow et al. [1] . The purpose of this paper is to show the progression and regression of CNS lesions in a 17-year-old boy who presented only with neurologic features of the(More)
In 22 patients with femoral neck fractures 99mTc-MDP scintimetry was performed before operation and again shortly after operation; in 17 of these patients the investigation was repeated after four months. Six patients with increased uptake in the femoral head before operation and eight with decreased uptake had similar results at the first postoperative(More)
Both joint injury and joint stress contribute to the development of arthrosis. The article consists in a review of literature in this field which sheds light on the risk of developing hip or knee arthrosis as a result of sports participation. Soccer is a sport associated with manifest joint overload and risk of injury to the knee. Owing to the increased(More)
In this study 180 male soccer players entered into a prospective study of injuries in 1980. They were examined again in 1988. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the course of events during their active period. The study was carried out using a questionnaire. The importance of major injuries was evaluated. Hospital records were scrutinized and 179(More)