Hans-Frederick Brown

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In this paper we consider the benefits of applying modern machine learning techniques to the problem of Fault Diagnosis and Automated Repair. In the modern manufacturing environment, many aspects of the production line are logged automatically by various systems. These records are put to a multitude of uses including assisting stock control, and monitoring(More)
In this case study, we describe the design approach taken in creating 123D Sculpt, a digital sculpting and painting application for the Apple iPad. This paper will focus on tailoring the user experience toward casual users, introducing 3D (three-dimensional) manipulation tools and concepts through the use of metaphors.
User Experience (UX) research teams following a user centered design approach harness personas to better understand a user's workflow by examining that user's behavior, goals, needs, wants, and frustrations. To create target personas these researchers rely on workflow data from surveys, self-reports, interviews, and user observation. However, this data not(More)
Lab based user testing with participants quickly becomes a bottleneck for UX teams in the industry that exist in an Agile software development environment characterized by frequent release cycles and continually changing requirements. For such teams to reduce this testing time and to quickly glean usability insights we leverage human performance modeling(More)
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