Hans Eveking

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A new approach for the automatic equivalence checking of behavioral or structural descriptions of designs with complex control is presented. The veriication tool combines symbolic simulation with a hierarchy of equivalence checking methods, including decision-diagram based techniques, with increasing accuracy in order to optimize overall veriication time(More)
Formal veriication tools must often cope with large memory sizes and indirect addressing. This paper presents a new approach of how to handle memory operations in the symbolic simulation of designs with complex control logic, e.g., processors. The simulator is currently used to check the equivalence of two processor descriptions with distinct order of(More)
—Property-based synthesis has become a more prominent topic during the last years, being used in multiple areas like e.g. formal verification and design automation. We will show how a property-based formal specification of a cache controller for a MIPS core can be used to automatically generate a functional implementation of that controller and how(More)