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Information systems development and use involves people in action. Still, information systems research is dominated by ideals largely fetched from Newtonian physics. This leaves no room for human innovative action. Its only role becomes a disturbing factor in the general laws aimed at. The problem is, it largely ruins the possibilities of finding important(More)
The paper opens by generalizing the concept of 'informing science'. It then introduces some meta-scientific perspectives and a discussion of a metaphor that has considerable explanatory power. Two main schools of metascience are presented and contrasted. The difference between treating invariances in natural sciences and in social and cultural sciences is(More)
The theme of this monograph of Informing Science is a dialectic we perceive to exist between meaningful use and reflection upon use. This dialectic between use and reflection on use (or thinking, and thinking about thinking) may be considered in the following way. Each of these elements is subject to change. As reflection triggers change in use, and such(More)
Glossary Monograph: Double Helix This glossary was prepared under the guidance of Hans-Erik Nissen in collaboration with the authors of the papers in the monograph. It is a glossary of terms used in monograph Double Helix relationships in use and design of Informing Systems: Lessons to learn from phe-nomenology and hermeneutics
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