Hans-Erik Ehrlich

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Both diabetes and advanced age have been implicated in delaying wound repair. However, the contribution of age alone has not been shown clinically to significantly impair the ability to heal. To determine the contribution of age and db/db genotype multiple wound healing parameters were determined in young db/db mice, aged db/db mice, age-matched non-db/db(More)
Endothelial denudation by balloon injury of the rat aorta induces the development of a neointima as a consequence of the migration and proliferation of smooth muscle cells (SMCs). Initially, intimal SMCs show a dedifferentiated phenotype, which reverts to a normal differentiated phenotype after endothelial cells have resurfaced the vessel lumen. We(More)
The effect of electric current on protein biosynthesis in mammalian fibroblasts was investigated with neonatal bovine fibroblast-populated collagen matrices. The field strength dependence of electric field modulation of proline incorporation into extracellular and intracellular protein was measured over a frequency range from 0.1 to 1000 hertz. A frequency-(More)
Excessive contraction of hypertrophic scar and subsequent contracture formation are a formidable problem after thermal injury. A comparison between fibroblasts from hypertrophic scar and normal skin was made with the use of fibroblast-populated collagen lattices as a measure of cellular generated contractile forces. Hypertrophic scar and normal skin(More)
To examine interactions between exogenous opioid analgesia and endogenous opioid generation at a site of burn-induced tissue injury, we measured beta-endorphin (BE) and corticosterone (C) in aliquots of plasma and wound fluid withdrawn from subcutaneous wire mesh chambers beneath the site of a 3-5% surface area burn. After brief inhalational anesthesia at(More)
The etiology of Dupuytren's disease is unknown. The causes of the fibroplastic response of nodules, fibrosis of cords, and prominence of pacinian corpuscles are not evident. Histological and immunohistology differences in pacinian corpuscles from the hands of five patients with Dupuytren's disease compared with 17 Dupuytren's-free patients are presented.(More)
BACKGROUND High volumes of haemofiltration are used in septic patients to control systemic inflammation and improve patient outcomes. We aimed to clarify if extended intermittent high volume online haemodiafiltration (HVHDF) influences patient haemodynamics and cytokines profile and/or has effect upon sublingual microcirculation in critically ill septic(More)
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