Hans E. Bergmans

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The genetic organization of the foc gene cluster has been studied; six genes involved in the biogenesis of F1C fimbriae were identified. focA encodes the major fimbrial subunit, focC encodes a product that is indispensable for fimbria formation, focG and focH encode minor fimbrial subunits, and focI encodes a protein which shows similarities to the subunit(More)
This introductory paper gathers general considerations on the biosafety of virus-derived vectors that are used in human gene therapy and/or vaccination. The importance to assess the potential risks for human health and the environment related to the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in this case genetically modified viral vectors is highlighted by(More)
The F7(1) and F7(2) P-fimbriae of Escherichia coli are encoded by the fso (F seven one) and fst (F seven two) gene clusters, respectively (Van Die et al., 1984; 1985). With the immunocytochemical gold-labelling technique it was demonstrated that both the FsoE and FstE proteins are non-adhesive minor fimbrial subunits located at the tip of the fimbrial(More)
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