Hans-Dietrich Bauer

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A generally accepted method to measure black carbon (BC) or elemental carbon (EC) still does not exist. An earlier study in the Vienna area comparing practically all measurement methods in use in Europe gave comparable BC and EC concentrations under summer conditions (Hitzenberger et al., 2006a). Under summer conditions, Diesel traffic is the major source(More)
Despite intensive efforts during the past 20 years, no generally accepted standard method exists to measure black carbon (BC) or elemental carbon (EC). Data on BC and EC concentrations are method specific and can differ widely (e.g. Schmid et al., 2001, ten Brink et al., 2004). In this study, a comprehensive set of methods (both optical and thermal) is(More)
Cu as nearly immiscible components. However, it is well-known that in nanoscale structures the higher contribution of the interfacial energy to the thermodynamic potential can lead to a completely different phase diagram [1]. On the other hand, the electrical conductivity of nanoscale ferromagnetic multilayers separated by nonmagnetic interlayers strongly(More)
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