Hans-Dieter Meyer

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[** ] The authors thank Prof. J. Bowman for providing the potential-energy routine, D. Lauvergnat for performing the TNUM calculations and the Scientific Supercomputing Center Karlsruhe for generously providing computer time. O. V. is grateful to the Alexander von Hum-boldt Foundation for financial support. Accurate infrared (IR) spectroscopy of protonated(More)
In this article we review state-of-the-art methods for computing vi-brational energies of polyatomic molecules using quantum mechanical, variationally-based approaches. We illustrate the power of those methods by presenting applications to molecules with more than four atoms. This demonstrates the great progress that has been made in this field in the last(More)
Preface In recent years, concepts in object-oriented modeling and programming have been extended in several directions, giving rise to new paradigms such as agent-orientation and feature-orientation. This volume came out of a Dagstuhl seminar exploring the relationship between the original paradigm and the two new ones. Following the success of the seminar,(More)
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