Hans Dieter Hahlbohm

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Axonal ensheathment and myelination, one form of axon-sheath cell interaction, was studied under normal earth magnetism, in the absence of terrestrial magnetic field, and under a 5 G (0.0005 T) magnetic field. Results indicate that the geomagnetic field is necessary for the fundamental biological activity of axonal ensheathment and myelination. The exact(More)
A non-invasive technique has been used to record the electrical activity of the His-Purkinje System (HPS) on the body surface involving shielding, high gain band pass filtering and averaging of bipolar chest ECGs (V6-V6R). The measurements were made in the Berlin Magnetically Shielded Room (BMSR) which reduces the background noise level (almost white) to(More)
Irregular high frequency deflections of low amplitude have been found within the ST segment immediately following the QRS complex and in the T wave of high resolution bipolar recordings (lead V4-V7) in single beats as well as in averages of 100 beats. The signals in the T wave, found in six out of 22 normal subjects, coincide with the apex of the T wave in(More)
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