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[1] The initial breakdown stage of 10 intracloud lightning flashes that may have produced terrestrial gamma ray flashes (TGFs) is studied with wideband E-change, multiband B-change, and VHF lightning mapping data; these flashes fit published criteria known to be associated with TGFs. The (x, y, z, t) locations of fast initial breakdown pulses (IBPs) were(More)
We have investigated 6,972 patients with directional continuous-wave Doppler sonography within the last three and a half years, and have derived criteria for the sonographic diagnosis of basilar artery occlusion or tight stenosis in conjunction with 1,071 retrograde brachial angiograms. By sonographic patterns, we have suspected obstruction of the basilar(More)
Using directional continuous-wave Doppler sonography of the vertebral arteries, we have investigated 1,540 patients during the past 5 years. On the basis of unilateral and bilateral retrograde brachial angiograms in the same patients (a total of 1,989 angiograms) we have developed sonographic criteria for demonstrating a significant increase in the(More)
A man, aged 66 years, sustained a pneumatocele after radiotherapy for a frontabasal meningeal sarcoma. There was improvement initially, but a fall was experienced without injury to the head and the condition worsened. X-rays of the skull revealed a pneumatocele which was treated conservatively and disappeared within 4 weeks. The literature on spontaneous(More)
Tematické okruhy: 1.Imunochemická analytika a její kombinace s kapalinovou chromatografií při studiu proteomu 2. Jod, laboratorní thyroidální diagnostika a diagnostika hormonů regulujících metabolismus vápníku 3. Počítačové modelování peptidových a proteinových molekul Publikace školitele vztahující se k tématům: Relationship of dehydroepiandrosterone and(More)
Spatial events, such as lightning strikes or drops in moving vehicle speed, can be conceptualized as points in the space-time continuum. We consider real time monitoring scenarios in which the observer needs to detect significant (i.e., sufficiently big) spatio-temporal clusters of events as soon as they occur and track the further evolution of these(More)
We demonstrate a system of tools for real-time detection of significant clusters of spatial events and observing their evolution. The tools include an incremental stream clustering algorithm, interactive techniques for controlling its operation, a dynamic map display showing the current situation, and displays for investigating the cluster evolution (time(More)
In the past 5 years we have investigated 29 patients with symptomatic basilar artery stenoses (14 cases) and occlusions (14) and a patent primitive trigeminal artery with thin-calibered basilar and vertebral arteries (1) using directional continuous-wave Doppler sonography of the vertebral arteries. A total of 19 patients survived, and 17 of them were(More)
We report the results obtained by means of directional c-w Doppler sonography on 33 patients with superficial temporal-to-middle cerebral artery anastomoses. The efficiency of the anastomosis was evaluated by the modified Pourcelot indices (relative end-diastolic flow velocities) of the preauricular superficial temporal artery and of the bypass-supplying(More)
We have examined the vertebral and subclavian arteries in 1,205 patients using directional continuous-wave (c-w) Doppler sonography, and compared the sonographic findings with the results of unilateral or bilateral retrograde brachial arteriographies in the same patients. Doppler sonography revealed 33 false positives among 909 cases with normal(More)