Hans Daanen

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Mobimissions is a location-based pervasive social game in which players use camera phones with location-based capabilities to create, share and reply to real-world missions. Missions and their responses are defined by sequences of digital photographs and text annotations. Players create missions, search locations for available missions, create responses to(More)
pricing of network services, charging for network services, QoS pricing, DiffServ, performance modeling This paper describes a control mechanism for Internet traffic. It is an economic mechanism that enables users to choose different price/QoS priority levels for network services at the user time scale. User time scale means that prices vary at a rate(More)
Electromyographic analysis of gait in eight patients who had had a modified Van Nes rotationplasty was performed to compare the activity of the flexors and extensors of the ankle on the side of the operation with that of the flexors and extensors of the knee on the normal, contralateral side. The resemblance in the activity of the extensors was more(More)
There is a current debate across Europe and in the USA about rising obesity figures and a decrease in activity levels generally, and particularly amongst young people. Many reports highlight the role of digital technologies in shifting children's play into sedentary experiences. This project explores the potential of mobile, wearable technologies to(More)
There is evidence in the literature that the decrease of mean power frequency (MPF) during exercise is greater as a muscle become more fatigued. After strenuous exercise this phenomenon can last several days. It is usually assumed, however, that the MPF has a good reproducibility. In this study the reproducibility of the MPF of the surface electromyogram of(More)
A novel, practical pricing strategy for congestion control and differentiated services", ICC 2002-IEEE International framework for SLA admission control in a DiffServ domain", GLOBECOM 2002-"Performance analysis for an IP differentiated services network", ICC 2002-IEEE
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