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Mobimissions is a location-based pervasive social game in which players use camera phones with location-based capabilities to create, share and reply to real-world missions. Missions and their responses are defined by sequences of digital photographs and text annotations. Players create missions, search locations for available missions, create responses to(More)
pricing of network services, charging for network services, QoS pricing, DiffServ, performance modeling This paper describes a control mechanism for Internet traffic. It is an economic mechanism that enables users to choose different price/QoS priority levels for network services at the user time scale. User time scale means that prices vary at a rate(More)
There is a current debate across Europe and in the USA about rising obesity figures and a decrease in activity levels generally, and particularly amongst young people. Many reports highlight the role of digital technologies in shifting children's play into sedentary experiences. This project explores the potential of mobile, wearable technologies to(More)
The new 21<sup>st</sup> Century Science curriculum in the UK seeks to develop all students' broad understanding of the main scientific explanations that can act as a framework for making sense of the world around us. The curricular emphases in science are transforming from content-heavy knowledge acquisition and fact recall to process-based inquiry putting(More)
With current debates about what a 21<sup>st</sup> century education should look like and &pound;45 billion earmarked for the UK Building Schools for the Future programme, Fountaineers aims to demonstrate that children and teachers have enormous scope to influence the reconfiguration of their buildings and outdoor spaces -- and particularly to use the(More)
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