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— In 2020, mobile and wireless traffic volume is expected to increase thousand-fold over 2010 figures. Moreover, an increase in the number of wirelessly-connected devices to counts in the tens of billions will have a profound impact on society. Massive machine communication, forming the basis for the Internet of Things, will make our everyday life more(More)
Key-establishment based on parameters of the communication channels is a highly attractive option for many applications that operate in a dynamic mobile environment with peer-to-peer association. So far, high usability and dynamic key management with the capability of perfect forward secrecy are very difficult to achieve for wireless devices which have to(More)
The decorrelating and the linear, minimum mean-squared error (MMSE) detector for asynchronous code-division multiple-access communications ideally are infinite memory-length detectors. Finite memory approximations of these detectors require the inversion of a correlation matrix whose dimension is given by the product of the number of active users and the(More)
—Due to its flexibility, cost-efficiency, and the ability to support mobility, wireless connectivity is seen today as a key enabler for a wide range of applications beyond classical mobile communications. A significant part of these applications depends on the capability of the wireless communication system to provide reliable connectivity. However, due to(More)