Hans-Christoph Schneider

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We have identified a complex in mitochondria that functions as a part of the preprotein import machinery of the inner membrane (MIM complex). Two known components, MIM23 and MIM17, and two novel components, MIM33 and MIM14, were found as constituents of this complex. In the presence of a translocating chain, the outer membrane import machinery (MOM complex)(More)
Systems biology aims to provide a holistic and in many cases dynamic picture of biological function and malfunction, in case of disease. Technology developments in the generation of genome-wide datasets and massive improvements in computer power now allow to obtain new insights into complex biological networks and to copy nature by computing these(More)
The experimental protocol of the perfused rat pancreas is commonly used to evaluate β-cell function. In this context, mathematical models become useful tools through the determination of indexes that allow the assessment of β-cell function in different experimental groups and the quantification of the effects of antidiabetic drugs, secretagogues, or(More)
Recent research adds to a growing body of literature on the essential role of ceramides in glucose homeostasis and insulin signaling, while the mechanistic interplay between various components of ceramide metabolism remains to be quantified. We present an extended model of C16:0 ceramide production through both the de novo synthesis and the salvage(More)
BACKGROUND Nerve injury-triggered hyperexcitability in primary sensory neurons is considered a major source of chronic neuropathic pain. The hyperexcitability, in turn, is thought to be related to transcriptional switching in afferent cell somata. Analysis using expression microarrays has revealed that many genes are regulated in the dorsal root ganglion(More)
MOTIVATION Phosphoproteomics measurements are widely applied in cellular biology to detect changes in signalling dynamics. However, due to the inherent complexity of phosphorylation patterns and the lack of knowledge on how phosphorylations are related to functions, it is often not possible to directly deduce protein activities from those measurements.(More)
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