Hans-Christian Probst

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Expression of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) structural proteins requires the presence of the viral trans-activator protein Rev. Rev is localized in the nucleus and binds specifically to the Rev response element (RRE) sequence in viral RNA. Furthermore, the interaction of the Rev activation domain with a cellular cofactor is essential for Rev(More)
Ehrlich ascites cells were cultured under different O2 partial pressures from less than 0.1 ppm to 2 x 10(5) ppm. During the artificial hypoxia and following reoxygenation the DNA synthesis rate was measured and the relative frequency of replicon initiations was examined by analyzing the length distributions of replicative daughter strand DNA. These studies(More)
BACKGROUND The imidazoquinoline derivate imiquimod induces inflammatory responses and protection against transplanted tumors when applied to the skin in combination with a cognate peptide epitope (transcutaneous immunization, TCI). Here we investigated the role of regulatory T cells (T(reg)) and the suppressive cytokine IL-10 in restricting TCI-induced(More)
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