Hans-Christian Bankl

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In Austria, registration of malignant brain tumours is legally mandatory, whereas benign and borderline tumours are not reported. The Austrian Brain Tumour Registry (ABTR) was initiated under the auspices of the Austrian Society of Neuropathology for the registration of malignant and non-malignant brain tumours. All Austrian neuropathology units involved in(More)
The prevalence of pulmonary thromboembolism at autopsy was assessed in a retrospective study of a cohort of 185 patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis treatment who died in the last decade. The overall frequency of thromboembolism was 12.43% in the dialysis population, which statistically was significantly less than in a control group of 8,051(More)
Two months after the nuclear accident of Chernobyl, postmortem measurement of radiocaesium (137 Cs and 134 Cs) were started in different organs to study incorporation, organ distribution, and kinetics. 250 corpses were examined between July 1986 to August 1987 in the Department of pathology, St. Pölten. Highest concentrations were found in skeletal muscles,(More)
Two necropsy cases of systemicCandida albicans infection with involvement of the kidney, lung and brain are reported. Both patients died from renal failure. In the brain there was a miliary spread of microabscesses and granuloma-like lesions, and Candida was evident within both types of lesion. In case 2, there was additional involvement of skleletal muscle(More)