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[Individual isokinetic strength training in patients with gonarthrosis].
PROBLEM To date, therapy of osteoarthritis of the knee is aimed at relieving pain and changing behavior patterns, which usually leads to reduced activity. The weakening of the quadricep's musculatureExpand
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[Health education and health training with osteoarthritis].
Osteoarthrosis is one of the most prevalent diseases in orthopedics. Its impact for the individual patient as well as for the socio-economic system is enormous. An increasing loss of function andExpand
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A Rough Guide to Insult in Plautus
Author(s): Bork, Hans | Advisor(s): Richlin, Amy | Abstract: This dissertation examines how abuse-language and insults function in the plays of Plautus. Existing work on insults in Plautus is largelyExpand
Wind, Wave, and Generative Metaphor in Greek
ion. Lexical expressions only reflect this relationship, though, and the actual metaphorical linkage is made at a deeper cognitive level. According to Lakoff and Johnson, three basic operatorsExpand
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