Hans Boettiger

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Energy efficiency is a key design principle of the IBM Blue Gene series of supercomputers, and Blue Gene systems have consistently gained top GFlops/Watt rankings on the Green500 list. The Blue Gene hardware and management software provide built-in features to monitor power consumption at all levels of the machine’s power distribution network. This paper(More)
Optimization of energy consumption is a key issue for future HPC. Evaluation of energy consumption requires a fine-grained power measurement. Additional useful information is obtained when performing these measurements at component level. In this paper we describe a setup which allows to perform fine-grained power measurements up to a 1 ms resolution at(More)
Recently the latest generation of Blue Gene machines became available. In this paper we introduce general metrics to characterize the performance of applications and apply it to a diverse set of applications running on Blue Gene/Q. The applications range from regular, floating-point bound to irregular event-simulator like types. We argue that the proposed(More)
With POWER8 a new generation of POWER processors became available. This architecture features a moderate number of cores, each of which expose a high amount of instruction-level as well as thread-level parallelism. The high-performance processing capabilities are integrated with a rich memory hierarchy providing high bandwidth through a large set of memory(More)
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