Hans Blomberg

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We discovered a variation of rat sciatic nerve anatomy as an incidental finding during the anatomical exploration of the nerve lesion site in a rat neuropathic pain model. To confirm the composition and distribution of rat sciatic nerve, macroscopic anatomical investigation was performed in both left and right sides in 24 adult Sprague-Dawley rats. In all(More)
UNLABELLED A number of cross-sectional population studies have shown that a strong sense of coherence (SOC) is associated with various aspects of good perceived health. The association does not seem to be entirely attributable to underlying associations of SOC with other variables, such as age or level of education. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study reported(More)
OBJECTIVES If an ambulance nurse could bypass the emergency department (ED) and bring suspected stroke patients directly to a CT scanner, time to thrombolysis could be shortened. This study evaluates the level of agreement between ambulance nurses and emergency physicians in assessing the need for a CT scan, and interventions and monitoring beforehand, in(More)
Prehospital care has developed dramatically the last decades with the implementation of new devices and educational concepts. Clinical decisions and treatments have moved out from the hospitals to the prehospital setting. In Sweden this has been accompanied by an increase in the level of competence, i.e. by introducing nurses in the ambulances. With some(More)
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