Hans Andersson

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The aging characteristics of some aromatic hydrocarbons and some other solvents with a ring like molecule structure are systematically studied. The concentrations ranging from a few ppm to several hundred ppm were investigated. Gas mixtures with and without hydrocarbons were tested as well, to find out whether the hydrocarbons contribute to the plasma(More)
A double GEM detector for X-ray astronomy is under construction. In addition to the GEM foils and the readout board, the gas volume of the detector will also enclose the front-end electronics and the cabling. As a sealed detector in years long operation, a special attention must be paid on the aging characteristics of the detector. We have studied the(More)
To qualify for a good X-ray imaging detector of the next generation in space astronomy some basic features are needed. These include large active area, good spectral and spatial resolution, high count rate capability and robust structure. These requirements can be achieved with the gaseous electron multiplier (GEM). We have studied the applicability of the(More)
The single crystal TlBr is a promising candidate as a room temperature gamma-ray detector due to its high stopping power, density (7.56 g/cm<sup>3</sup>) and bandgap (2.68 eV). However, material purity and crystal quality still limit the use of TlBr as detector. In this work, material was purified by hydrothermal recrystallization in pure water and(More)
Segmentation of the anode-side of a <formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">${\rm M}\mathchar"702D \pi \mathchar"702D {\rm n}$</tex></formula> CdTe diode produces detectors with excellent spatial and energy resolution while maintaining an active area that extends to the detector edge. The CdTe pixel detectors reported have 250 &#x00EC;m pitch, a(More)
Outgassing properties of various detector materials have been studied. The thermal desorption tube method was used for sampling the compounds released from the materials. Analysis of the samples was carried out with a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer analyzer. Attention was paid to compounds known to be easily polymerizing. Their impact on the aging(More)
Tightness of flange joints for large polyethylene pipes – Part 2 Full scale experimental investigations Leakage that sometimes occurs in flange joints in large size plastic pipelines for water supply is a serious problem. Research was undertaken in order to improve the knowledge about the function of such flange joints. The objectives were partly to find(More)
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