Hans Albrecht Schmid

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Ongoing monitoring in the Swiss Alps has shown that Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta helvetica) has suffered a significant population decrease over the last decade and climate change has been proposed as a potential cause. In this study, we investigate the response of this high alpine grouse species to rapid climate change. We address a problem often neglected(More)
In this paper we discuss several issues related to the introduction of business processes in the life cycle of Web based E-commerce applications. We first argue that business processes have been so far neglected by modeling and design methodologies treating them as by-products of conceptual and navigational design artifacts, and as a consequence introducing(More)
The class and interaction structure of object-oriented designs may become fairly complex, and consequently difficult to develop and understand. Design patterns allow to govern this complexity. This paper presents the design process of a domain-specific black-box framework for the control of automated manufacturing systems. The design is performed as a(More)
The relational model for data base organization introduced clearly defined basic algebraic concepts whose properties are well understood. As a consequence, questions of a semantic nature arise. Due to the mathematical nature of the relational model, these questions cannot be answered completely by it. Therefore, a data model is discussed that takes into(More)