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We present a logic for stating properties such as, \after a request for service there is at least a 98% probability that the service will be carried out within 2 seconds". The logic extends the temporal logic CTL by Emerson, Clarke and Sistla with time and probabilities. Formulas are interpreted over discrete time Markov chains. We give algorithms for(More)
This paper presents BASEMENT TM , a distributed real-time architecture developed for vehicle internal use in the automotive industry. The BASEMENT 1 concept is holistic, in the sense that it covers application development , as well as the hardware and software that provide execution and communication support. The key constituents of the concept are resource(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate if distant effects could be detected within the central nervous system after impact of a high-energy missile in the left thigh of young pigs. Pressure transducers implanted in various parts of the body of the animal, including the brain, recorded a short-lasting burst of oscillating pressure waves with high(More)
The component-based strategy aims at managing complexity, shortening time-to-market, and reducing maintenance requirements by building systems with existing components. The full potential of this strategy has not yet been demonstrated for embedded software, mainly because of specific requirements in the domain, e.g., those related to timing, dependability,(More)
This paper presents a state-of-practice (SOP) overview of automotive communication technologies, including the latest technology developments. These networking technologies are classified in four major groups: (1) current wired, (2) multimedia, (3) upcoming wired and (4) wireless. Within these groups a few technologies stand out as strong candidates for(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate pressure changes and possible damage to the central and peripheral nervous system induced by a high-energy missile striking a peripheral extremity. Anesthetized pigs were shot with a high-velocity missile (1,500 ms-1) in their left thigh. Transducers placed in the abdomen and brain recorded short-lasting(More)
This paper investigates the level of pessimism of traditional schedulability analysis for the Controller Area Network (CAN). Specifically, we investigate the effects of considering bit-stuffing distributions instead of worst case bit-stuffing. This allows us to obtain bus utilisation values more close to reality. On the other hand, since our analysis is(More)