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Dempster-Shafer evidence theory has been extensively used in many information fusion systems since it was proposed by Dempster and extended by Shafer. Many scholars have been conducted on conflict management of Dempster-Shafer evidence theory in past decades. However, how to determine a potent parameter to measure evidence conflict, when the given(More)
By applying analyticity and single channel unitarity we derive a new formula which is useful to analyze the role of the left–hand singularities in hadron form factors and in the determination of the resonance parameters. Chiral perturbation theory is used to estimate the left–hand cut effects in ππ scattering processes. We find that in the IJ = 11 channel(More)
A numerical analysis to the scalar form-factor in the ππ and KK coupled–channel system is made by solving the coupled-channel dis-persive integral equations, using the iteration method. The solutions are found not unique. Physical application to the ππ central production in the pp → ppππ process is discussed based upon the numerical solutions we found. The(More)
Studies on the IJ=00 ππ and K ¯ K coupled–channel system are made using newly derived dispersion relations between the phase shifts and poles and cuts. It is found that the σ resonance must be introduced to explain the experimental phase shifts, after evaluating the cut contribution. The effects of nearby branch point singularities to the determination of(More)
The effect of quantum lattice fluctuations on the optical-absorption spectra in the ground state of halogen-bridged mixed-valence transition-metal linear-chain complexes is studied by using a one-dimensional extended Peierls-Hubbard model. The nonadiabatic effects due to finite phonon frequency ω π > 0 are treated through an energy-dependent electron-phonon(More)
We discuss the final state interaction effects at high energies via a multi-channel N/D method. We find that the 2 by 2 charge–exchange final state interactions typically contribute an enhancement factor of a few times 10 −2 in the B meson decay amplitudes, both for the real and the imaginary part. We also make some discussions on the elastic rescattering(More)
Within this paper the application of an ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm to inspection planning is presented. Since inspection planning is a time consuming task, optimizing these activities plays a major role in the quality inspection field. In this paper the extraction procedures of local inspection path planning (LIPP) and measurement device(More)