Hannu Pohjanpalo

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The course of antrum and body gastritis was studied using an essentially linear multicompartmental model in pernicious anemia probands, their first-degree relatives, and controls consisting of a representative family sample of a large Finnish population. Our earlier dynamic approach showed that progression of body gastritis was virtually identical in a(More)
The paper presents a method to test metabolic linear multicompartment models for their mathematical solvability and their power of resolution with respect to individual parameters. The method can be seen as a means of predicting not only the model theoretical identifiability but also the expected quality of estimation before undertaking any actual serial(More)
Sulfaethidole distribution and elimination in the rat was studied over a 90-fold dose range. This experimental design produced marked nonlinearity in the binding of sulfaethidole to proteins in both interstitial fluid an plasma. Using a multicompartmental model consisting of binding of sulfaethidole to plasma and interstitial fluid proteins, sulfaethidole(More)
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