Hannu Niemistö

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Uniform reduction for pairs originates from abstract logic but it has not been studied much in the context of finite model theory. The paper demonstrates its relationship to locality. The first part of the paper is motivated by the question when first-order logic extended with quantifiers is Hanf-local. Two properties, tolerant Hanf-locality and separable(More)
In the online and tracking simulation context, precise model initialization is highly important to ensure the quality of predictions made based on simulation. This paper presents a hybrid approach for the initialization of tracking simulation systems that combines different techniques and utilizes the persistent communication between model and process in(More)
The emergence of the Industrial Internet results in an increasing number of complicated temporal interdependencies between automation systems and the processes to be controlled. There is a need for verification methods that scale better than formal verification methods and which are more exact than testing. Simulation-based runtime verification is proposed(More)
Numerical methods, such as finite element method (FEM), are widely used for computations on meshes in variety of simulation related software applications. As these methods become more popular in engineering, also information management requirements for these models are growing. Neutral data formats and standards are needed in order to achieve vendor(More)
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