Hannu Laesvuori

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ICT (information and communication technology) has created new opportunities for doing business. E-business, which is a manifestation of this development, relies on efficient information sharing within and between companies. E-business requires interoperability of information systems and, therefore, standardization of information sharing. An e-business(More)
E-business frameworks providing standards and specifications that aim at enabling integrating the enterprise applications of business partners with relative ease have been recently proposed. This paper reports on experiences gained from developing a prototype system for integrating design document management systems based on the RosettaNet e-business(More)
Product development (PD) in a network of collaborative companies is different from the traditional way of doing PD within single organization. Parallel way of doing PD increases the need for synchronization of PD activities, but the flow of design information in the company network is difficult to manage. There are indications that the automation of(More)
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