Hannu Korhonen

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Expert evaluation is a widely used method for evaluating the usability of software products. When evaluating games, traditional usability heuristics lack comprehension and cannot be directly applied. In this paper, we introduce playability heuristics that are specifically designed for evaluating mobile games. Heuristics form a core model that can be used in(More)
Achievement systems are reward structures providing additional goals for players, and thus extending the play time of videogames. In this paper, we explore how applications other than games could benefit from achievement systems, and how users perceive this additional content in a service. For this purpose, we added an achievement system to a geo-tagged(More)
A mobile device provides an attractive tool for creating and sharing audio-visual stories. Earlier research has shown that the users enjoy creating digital stories with their mobile devices. However, designing editor interfaces that support creation of rich audio-visual presentations has been a major challenge due to the constrained input and output(More)
As the game industry matures and games become more and more complex, there is an increasing need to develop scientific methodologies for analyzing and measuring player experience, in order to develop a better understanding of the relationship and interactions between players and games. This panel gathers distinguished European playability and user(More)
Lycopene extracted from tomatoes is authorised within the EU as food colouring agent (E160d). The lycopene oleoresin from tomatoes to be used as a novel food ingredient contains 5-15 % lycopene and is prepared by a production process identical to that for the production of the additive E160d, although E160d is prepared using an additional concentration step(More)
Mobile phones have traditionally been utilized for personal and individual use. In this paper we explore shared co-located interactions with mobile phones. We introduce a phone-based application that supports ad hoc brainstorming sessions. The prototype allows a workgroup to create, edit and view virtual mind-map notes on any table surface. The prototype(More)
One of the interesting features in pervasive multiplayer games is that gaming can be blended into other daily activities. However, the players' current context creates challenges for this parallel activity and therefore, the game design should enable the players to participate in the game whenever it is suitable for them. In this paper, we present initial(More)
Context plays a critical role in the user experience (UX) of mobile products. In UX studies, context is often seen as a single entity such as mobile context or car context. More fine-grained categorization of contextual factors is needed when we want to understand how context affects user experience. The purpose of our study was to adapt existing context(More)