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There is only one prospective randomized trial on acute primary patellar dislocation in adolescents comparing the long-term outcome after conservative versus operative procedures. Therefore, the long-term outcome, patellar redislocation rate, and functional outcome after conservative versus operative procedures were investigated in a prospective randomized(More)
OBJECTIVES In paediatric pharmacotherapy, many drugs are prescribed to be given in ways and for conditions not approved in the marketing authorization (MA). Thus, off-label prescribing of drugs with no MA is widespread in paediatric wards. However, drug MA status and clinical practices differ across countries. In this prospective study, we studied the(More)
Disturbances in the serotonergic system have been recognized in autism. To investigate the association between serotonin and dopamine transporters and autism, we studied 15 children (14 males, one female; mean age 8 y 8 mo [SD 3 y 10 mo]) with autism and 10 non-autistic comparison children (five males, five females; mean age 9 y 10 mo [SD 2 y 8 mo]) using(More)
BACKGROUND In the last decade the use of spinal anaesthesia (SA) in paediatric anaesthesia has increased. In adults, pencil point spinal needles are supposed to be less traumatic and hence to be superior compared with cutting point needles in respect of postpuncture complaints. In children, the use of spinal needles with a special tip design have not been(More)
Pain is a common symptom after surgery in children, and the need for effective pain management is obvious. For example, after myringotomy, despite the brief nature of the procedure, at least one-half of children have significant pain. After more extended surgery, such as tonsillectomy, almost all children have considerable pain longer than 7 days.(More)
OBJECTIVE Remifentanil is being used increasingly during fast-track cardiac surgery. Postoperative hyperalgesia and opioid tolerance have been reported in volunteer studies and in patients after major abdominal surgery with remifentanil infusion. In the present study, the authors evaluated whether high-dose remifentanil infusion induces opioid tolerance in(More)
BACKGROUND In adults, pencil-point spinal needles are believed to be less traumatic and therefore to be superior compared to cutting-point needles with respect to success rate and postpuncture complications. The aim of this randomised, parallel groups and prospective study was to record the success rate and to evaluate the incidence of complications(More)
BACKGROUND Persistent chest pain may originate from cardiac surgery. Conflicting results have been reported on the incidence of persistent poststernotomy pain with considerable discrepancies between the retrospective reports and the one prospective study conducted to assess this pain. Therefore, the authors conducted a follow-up survey for the first 12(More)
BACKGROUND Bloodless field is an integral part of orthopedic surgery. Use of tourniquet is associated with a risk of skeletal muscle ischemia and reperfusion injury. The purpose of this prospective, open-randomized study was to determine if the use of a tourniquet system using low pressure, with a wide, curved cuff connected to a microprocessor pump is(More)
A positive effect of fluoxetine has been shown in some children with autism. The present study was undertaken to correlate striatal dopamine transporter (DAT) binding and cerebrospinal fluid insulin-like growth factor-1 (CSF-IGF-1) with clinical response in autistic children (n=13, age 5-16 years) after a 6-month fluoxetine treatment. Good clinical(More)