Hannu Huuskonen

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Changes in the perinatal testosterone surge have been related to demasculinization of the central nervous system and androgen-dependent growth of the reproductive organs in male mammals. Earlier reports suggest that 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) interferes with androgen production, but the perinatal effects have remained elusive. In the present(More)
Effect of sinusoidal 50 Hz magnetic field (MF) on development of preimplantation CBA/S mouse embryos in vitro was studied. Superovulated and in vivo fertilized preimplantation embryos were collected at one cell stage and divided to control and MF-exposed groups. Sinusoidal 50 Hz MF with field strength of 10 A/m r.m.s., corresponding a flux density of 13(More)
In the Koitajoki River, Eastern Finland, there exists a self-sustaining population of river-spawning densely rakered whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus pallasi). The population has been classified as near-threatened due to overexploitation and possible hybridization with the lake-spawning sparsely rakered whitefish form. Thus, knowledge of habitat use,(More)
Many ejaculate traits show remarkable variation in relation to male social status. Males in disfavoured (subordinate) mating positions often invest heavily on sperm motility but may have less available resources on traits (e.g., secondary sexual ornaments) that improve the probability of gaining matings. Although higher investments in sperm motility can(More)
Fish are known for their high phenotypic plasticity in life-history traits in relation to environmental variability, and this is particularly pronounced among salmonids in the Northern Hemisphere. Resource limitation leads to trade-offs in phenotypic plasticity between life-history traits related to the reproduction, growth, and survival of individual fish,(More)
Sexual dimorphism is common across the animal kingdom, but the contribution of environmental factors shaping differences between the sexes remains controversial. In ectotherms, life-history traits are known to correlate with latitude, but sex-specific responses are not well understood. We analyzed life-history trait variation between the sexes of European(More)
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