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The damping of sound waves in magnetized ferrofluids is investigated and shown to be considerably higher than in the nonmagnetized case. This fact may be interpreted as a field-enhanced, effective compressional viscosity-in analogy to the ubiquitous field-enhanced shear viscosity that is known to be the reason for many unusual behaviors of ferrofluids under(More)
We investigate in detail the initial susceptibility, magnetization curves, and microstructure of ferrofluids in various concentration and particle dipole moment ranges by means of molecular dynamics simulations. We use the Ewald summation for the long-range dipolar interactions, take explicitly into account the translational and rotational degrees of(More)
In a wide variety of natural and laboratory magnetized plasmas, filaments appear as a result of interchange instability. These convective structures substantially enhance transport in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field. According to filament models, their propagation may follow different regimes depending on the parallel closure of charge(More)
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