Hanns-Ulrich Dehner

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On-Off-Keying with energy detection is a promising candidate when aiming at simple receiver concepts, due to the fact that simple energy detection reduces receiver complexity. On the other hand, data rates are low and interference mitigation by correlation is no longer possible. This paper proposes and analyzes a method for mitigating asynchronous(More)
This paper investigates robustness of a non-coherent multi-band impulse radio ultra-wideband communication system with respect to narrow-band interference. A statistical analysis of interference at the energy detector output gives insight into its impact and system dependency. Furthermore, the potential of interference mitigation is shown and verified with(More)
When bringing a high data rate multiband impulse radio UWB system to the market it has to coexist with other already existing UWB technologies such as multiband OFDM UWB [1]. This paper analyzes the interference impact of a multiband OFDM UWB system on a non-coherent multiband impulse radio UWB system. It is shown that the impact can be so dominant that(More)
Abstract—An analysis of narrowand broadband interference robustness within an On-Off Keying/Binary Pulse Position Modulation based noncoherent multiband impulse radio ultrawideband communication system is presented. Using the energy detector’s processing gain closed-form expressions of the noise and interference related second order moment statistics at the(More)
Future wireless communication systems have to be realised in a simple and energy efficient manner while guaranteeing sufficient performance. Furthermore, the available frequency resources have to be used flexibly and efficiently. In this context two different approaches have been considered in recent years: On one hand OFDM-based overlay systems in which a(More)
This paper argues in favor of introducing a standardized distributed pilot channel to improve spectrum sharing between heterogeneous technologies in unlicensed and possibly licensed bands with incumbent users. The main features of such a distributed pilot channel are sketched and a simple distributed algorithm for optimization of spectrum sharing is(More)
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