Hanns-Dieter Hartmann

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The effect of six weeks of squat, plyometric and squat-plyo-metric training on power production. Weight training of the thigh muscles using closed vs. open kinetic chain exercises: a comparison of performance enhance ment. Acute and long-term power responses to power training: Observations on the training of an elite power athlete. The load that maximizes(More)
Mean values and differential distributions of event-shape variables have been studied in neutral current deep inelastic scattering using an integrated luminos-ity of 82.2 pb −1 collected with the ZEUS detector at HERA. The kinematic range is 80 < Q 2 < 20 480 GeV 2 and 0.0024 < x < 0.6, where Q 2 is the virtuality of the exchanged boson and x is the Bjorken(More)
Bose-Einstein correlations of charged and neutral kaons have been measured in e ± p deep inelastic scattering with an integrated luminosity of 121 pb −1 using the ZEUS detector at HERA. The two-particle correlation function was studied as a function of the four-momentum difference of the kaon pairs, Q 12 = −(p 1 − p 2) 2 , assuming a Gaussian shape for the(More)
Portal-systemic encephalopathy is the prototype among the neuropsychiatric disorders that fall under the term Hepatic Encephalopathies. Ammonia toxicity is central to the pathophysiology of Portal-systemic encephalopathy, and neuronal ammonia toxicity is modulated by activated astrocytes. The calcium-binding astroglial key protein S100beta is released in(More)
The objective of the present study was to determine whether ondansetron, a specific serotonin type 3 receptor antagonist (5-HT3), relieves cholestatic pruritus in patients resistant to conventional antipruritic therapy (antihistamines and cholestyramine). In a placebo-controlled study the acute effect of an intravenous injection of ondansetron (4 mg, 8 mg)(More)
The photoproduction reaction γp → µ + µ − p has been studied in ep interactions using the ZEUS detector at HERA. The data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 43.2 pb −1. The Υ meson has been observed in photoproduction for the first time. The sum of the products of the elastic Υ(1S), Υ(2S), Υ(3S) photoproduction cross sections with their(More)
Beauty production in events containing two muons in the final state has been measured with the ZEUS detector at HERA using an integrated luminosity of 114 pb −1. A low transverse-momentum threshold for muon identification, in combination with the large rapidity coverage of the ZEUS muon system, gives access to almost the full phase space for beauty(More)
u 814 The ZEUS Collaboration: Dijet production in diffractive deep inelastic scattering at HERA Abstract. The production of dijets in diffractive deep inelastic scattering has been measured with the ZEUS detector at HERA using an integrated luminosity of 61 pb −1. The dijet cross section has been measured for virtualities of the exchanged virtual photon, 5(More)
Diffractive photoproduction of dijets was measured with the ZEUS detector at the ep collider HERA using an integrated luminosity of 77.2 pb −1. The measurements were made in the kinematic range Q 2 < 1 GeV 2 , 0.20 < y < 0.85 and x IP < 0.025, where Q 2 is the photon virtuality, y is the inelasticity and x IP is the fraction of the proton momentum taken by(More)
Exclusive production of 0 and J== mesons in e + p collisions has been studied with the ZEUS detector in the kinematic range 0:25 < Q 2 < 50 GeV 2 , 20 < W < 167 GeV for the 0 data and 2 < Q 2 < 40 GeV 2 , 50 < W < 150 GeV for the J== data. Cross sections for exclusive 0 and J== production have been measured as a function of Q 2 , W and t. The spin-density(More)