Hannes Uecker

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For a Selkov–Schnakenberg model as a prototype reaction-diffusion system on two dimensional domains we use the continuation and bifurcation software pde2path to numerically calculate branches of patterns embedded in patterns, for instance hexagons embedded in stripes and vice versa, with a planar interface between the two patterns. We use the(More)
We consider reaction-diffusion systems on the infinite line that exhibit a family of spectrally stable spatially periodic wave trains u0(kx − ωt; k) that are parameterized by the wave number k. We prove stable diffusive mixing of the asymptotic states u0(kx + φ±; k) as x → ±∞ with different phases φ− = φ+ at infinity for solutions that initially converge to(More)
In suitable parameter regimes the Integral Boundary Layer equation (IBLe) can be formally derived as a long wave approximation for the flow of a viscous incompressible fluid down an inclined plane. For very long waves with small amplitude, the IBLe can be further reduced to the Kuramoto–Sivashinsky equation (KSe). Here we justify this reduction of the IBL(More)
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