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A wireless sensor network needs a suitable multihop routing protocol to facilitate the communication between arbitrary sensor nodes. Position-based routing protocols are attractive for large-scale sensor networks due to their location awareness and scalability. A large number of position-based routing protocols use the greedy forwarding strategy. This paper(More)
Experiments were carried out to improve the entoleter-technology for the control of stored product pests (insects). AdultS. granarius (Linné, 1758),O. surinamensis (Linné, 1757),T. castaneum (Herbst, 1757) and eggs ofE. kuehniella (Zeller, 1879) were impacted in a broad range of r.p.m. and product flow rates (to/hr) together with maize semolina,Triticum(More)
In the Summer of 1983 experiments were carried out on moth trapping by help of pheromone baited traps (Detia moth indicators) in seven warehouses in West-Berlin (stocks: cocoa beans, dried vegetables and spices).Ephestia cautella (Walker),E. elutella (Hübner),E. kühniella Z. andPlodia interpunctella (Hübner) were caught. The traps baited with the pheromone(More)
The longevity of new-hatched larvae ofEphestia cautella, Plodia interpunctella andEphestia elutella was investigated at temperatures of 2°C, 4°C, 6°C, 8°C and 10°C. While larvae ofEphestia cautella were killed at 10°C within 35 days, larvae ofPlodia interpunctella survived at 10°C and died at 8°C within 21 days. Larvae ofEphestia elutella survived at 8°C(More)
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