Hannes Rotzinger

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Interfacing photonic and solid-state qubits within a hybrid quantum architecture offers a promising route towards large scale distributed quantum computing. Ideal candidates for coherent qubit interconversion are optically active spins, magnetically coupled to a superconducting resonator. We report on an on-chip cavity QED experiment with magnetically(More)
The quantum Rabi model describes the fundamental mechanism of light-matter interaction. It consists of a two-level atom or qubit coupled to a quantized harmonic mode via a transversal interaction. In the weak coupling regime, it reduces to the well-known Jaynes-Cummings model by applying a rotating wave approximation. The rotating wave approximation breaks(More)
In a coupled system of one classical and one quantum mechanical degree of freedom, the quantum degree of freedom can facilitate the escape of the whole system. Such unusual escape characteristics have been theoretically predicted as the "Münchhausen effect." We implement such a system by shunting one of the two junctions of a dc SQUID with an additional(More)
Cryogenic detectors offer remarkably better energy resolutions than those achievable with conventional semiconductor or scintillation detectors. With the additional asset of a detection efficiency close to unity for low-energy X-ray photons and electrons, these detectors have the potential to perform X-ray, gamma and electron spectroscopy of a hitherto(More)
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