Hannes Rauhe

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Requirements of enterprise applications have become much more demanding. They require the computation of complex reports on transactional data while thousands of users may read or update records of the same data. The goal of the SAP HANA database is the integration of transactional and analytical workload within the same database management system. To(More)
Recent developments have shown that classic database query execution techniques, such as the iterator model, are no longer optimal to leverage the features of modern hardware architectures. This is especially true for massive parallel architectures, such as many-core processors and GPUs. Here, the processing of single tuples in one step is not enough work(More)
In-memory DBMS enable high query performance by keeping data in main memory instead of only using it as a buffer. A crucial enabler for this approach has been the major drop of DRAM prices in the market. However, storing large data sets in main memory DBMS is much more expensive than in disk-based systems because of three reasons. First, the price for DRAM(More)
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