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Corchorus olitorius (jute) is a native plant of tropical Africa and Asia, and has since spread to Australia, South America and some parts of Europe. Its leafy vegetable is popularly used in soup preparation and folk medicine for the treatment of fever, chronic cystitis, cold and tumours. A comparative study of the antioxidant properties of hydrophilic(More)
The resource constrained legacy embedded systems are widely found in today's Industrial Control System networks. The Manufacturing message service (MMS) protocol is an international messaging service standard for industrial communications with very limited security provisioning. Legacy embedded systems and real-time applications impose challenges to secure(More)
WLAN mesh networks are characterized by their flexible and low-cost deployment, scalability, and self-healing capabilities. The new WLAN standard IEEE 802.11s introduces low-level mesh interoperability. However, building large-scale real-world test beds and reproducible setups is challenging and costly. In the majority of research works, network simulation(More)
Polyglycine, polyalanine, polyleucine, poly-alpha-glutamic acid, poly-gamma-glutamic acid and poly-alpha-lysine were complexed with insulin under non denaturating conditions. The liberation behaviour of the hormone was investigated in vivo and in vitro in dependence of the insulin content, mole mass, ionic interaction and hydrophobicity of the polyamino(More)
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