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The anterior intermediate sensory neuropile (aISN) is a prominent neuropile in the ventral nerve cord of locusts and bushcrickets. Previous studies have shown that it receives its main sensory input from auditory receptors. In this paper we examine the structural and physiological relationship between tympanal receptor terminations and the dendrites of(More)
Using intracellular injection of cobalt, processing for electron microscopy, and using on-section silver intensification, we have investigated the distribution of synapses on the metathoracic arborization of the TN1 intersegmental interneurone in the auditory system of the locust. Previous studies have indicated that inputs to this neurone from tympanal(More)
The effect of exogenous neuraminidase on spontaneous and evoked synaptic activity was investigated following injection of the enzyme into frog spinal cord and into cord and into the carp optic tectum. 1. Injection of enzyme into spinal cord segments caused a significant increase of motoneuron activity in the corresponding spinal nerve, which lasted for(More)
Although support services are considered cost-effective in the relief of care-giving family members of dementia patients, there has been little research to date on the predictors of use and quality expectations. These two questions are examined for the first time based on cross-sectional data of 404 care-giving family members, users and non-users of(More)
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