Hannes Payer

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There is a trade-off between performance and correctness in implementing concurrent data structures. Better performance may be achieved at the expense of relaxing correctness, by redefining the semantics of data structures. We address such a redefinition of data structure semantics and present a systematic and formal framework for obtaining new data(More)
We propose a new type of heterogeneous storage device called Combo Drive, which comprises of a smaller-capacity low-latency solid-state disk drive (SSD) concatenated with a larger-capacity high-throughput hard disk drive (HDD). The overall cost of a Combo Drive, similar to a Hybrid Drive, is still dominated by the more capacious HDD. With Combo Drive, the(More)
Feature extraction techniques based on selection of highly discriminant Fourier filters have been developed for an automated classification of magnifying endoscope images with respect to pit patterns of colon lesions. These are applied to duodenal imagery for diagnosis of celiac disease. Features are extracted from the Fourier domain by selecting the most(More)
A prominent remedy to multicore scalability issues in concurrent data structure implementations is to relax the sequential specification of the data structure. We present distributed queues (DQ), a new family of relaxed concurrent queue implementations. DQs implement relaxed queues with linearizable emptiness check and either configurable or bounded(More)
Languages that lack static typing are ubiquitous in the world of mobile and web applications. The rapid rise of larger applications like interactive web GUIs, games, and cryptography presents a new range of implementation challenges for modern virtual machines to close the performance gap between typed and untyped languages. While all languages can benefit(More)
Data center cloud computing distinguishes computational services such as database transactions and data storage from computational resources such as server farms and disk arrays. Cloud computing enables a software-as-a-service business model where clients may only pay for the service they really need and providers may fully utilize the resources they(More)
We propose a real real-time memory management system called Compact-fit that offers both time and space predictability. Compact-fit is a compacting memory management system for allocating, deallocating, and accessing memory in real time. The system provides predictable memory fragmentation and response times that are constant or linear in the size of the(More)
We introduce variable-bandwidth servers (VBS) for scheduling and executing processes under programmable temporal isolation. A VBS is an extension of a constant-bandwidth server where throughput and latency of process execution can not only be controlled to remain constant across different competing workloads but also to vary in time as long as the resulting(More)
We introduce the notion of a k-FIFO queue which may dequeue elements out of FIFO order up to a constant k ≥ 0. Retrieving the oldest element from the queue may require up to k+ 1 dequeue operations (bounded fairness), which may return elements not younger than the k + 1 oldest elements in the queue (bounded age) or nothing even if there are elements in the(More)
This paper describes an application of machine learning techniques and evolutionary algorithms to colon cancer diagnosis. We propose an automated classification system for endoscopical images, which is supposed to support physicians in making correct decisions. Classification is done according to the pit-pattern scheme, which defines two/six different(More)