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There is a trade-off between performance and correctness in implementing concurrent data structures. Better performance may be achieved at the expense of relaxing correctness, by redefining the semantics of data structures. We address such a redefinition of data structure semantics and present a systematic and formal framework for obtaining new data(More)
Feature extraction techniques based on selection of highly discriminant Fourier filters have been developed for an automated classification of magnifying endoscope images with respect to pit patterns of colon lesions. These are applied to duodenal imagery for diagnosis of celiac disease. Features are extracted from the Fourier domain by selecting the most(More)
We introduce variable-bandwidth servers (VBS) for scheduling and executing processes under programmable temporal isolation. A VBS is an extension of a constant-bandwidth server where throughput and latency of process execution can not only be controlled to remain constant across different competing workloads but also to vary in time as long as the resulting(More)
This paper describes an application of machine learning techniques and evolutionary algorithms to colon cancer diagnosis. We propose an automated classification system for endoscopical images, which is supposed to support physicians in making correct decisions. Classification is done according to the pit-pattern scheme, which defines two/six different(More)
This work describes an experimental study on the classification of images taken from colonoscopy. An emphasis is devoted to the procedure of finding features which allow an adequate classification. The proposed approach applies filters to the images' respective Fourier domains. Good configurations of these filters are obtained using a genetic algorithm,(More)
We begin this paper with a wish list of features that we feel a modern real-time and embedded execution environment should offer. We then look at some of the key weaknesses of conventional real-time operating systems (RTOS) and limitations of virtual execution environments (VEE), which typically offer some of the features but not all in one system. We(More)
Virtualization allows multiple systems encapsulated in so-called domains to share completely isolated from each other a single physical machine. Several companies are already taking advantage of virtualization technology in order to sell a certain amount of CPU speed and I/O capacity in terms of latency and throughput on demand to their customers. Providers(More)
We investigate evolutionary approaches to generate well-performing strategies for the iterated prisoner's dilemma (IPD) with different history lengths in static and cultural environments. The length of the history determines the number of the most recent moves of both players taken into account for the current move decision. The static environment(More)
We propose a new type of heterogeneous storage device called Combo Drive, which comprises of a smaller-capacity low-latency solid-state disk drive (SSD) concatenated with a larger-capacity high-throughput hard disk drive (HDD). The overall cost of a Combo Drive, similar to a Hybrid Drive, is still dominated by the more capacious HDD. With Combo Drive, the(More)
We present an overview of state-of-the-art work in the engineering of digital systems (hardware and software) where traditional correctness requirements are relaxed, usually for higher performance and lower resource consumption but possibly also for other non-functional properties such as more robustness and less cost. The work presented here is categorized(More)