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Quantitative relaxation of concurrent data structures
There is a trade-off between performance and correctness in implementing concurrent data structures. Better performance may be achieved at the expense of relaxing correctness, by redefining theExpand
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Distributed queues in shared memory: multicore performance and scalability through quantitative relaxation
A prominent remedy to multicore scalability issues in concurrent data structure implementations is to relax the sequential specification of the data structure. We present distributed queues (DQ), aExpand
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Evolution of iterated prisoner's dilemma strategies with different history lengths in static and cultural environments
We investigate evolutionary approaches to generate well-performing strategies for the iterated prisoner's dilemma (IPD) with different history lengths in static and cultural environments. The lengthExpand
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Information-Acquisition-as-a-Service for Cyber-Physical Cloud Computing
Data center cloud computing distinguishes computational services such as database transactions and data storage from computational resources such as server farms and disk arrays. Cloud computingExpand
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Memento mori: dynamic allocation-site-based optimizations
Languages that lack static typing are ubiquitous in the world of mobile and web applications. The rapid rise of larger applications like interactive web GUIs, games, and cryptography presents a newExpand
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Performance, Scalability, and Semantics of Concurrent FIFO Queues
We introduce the notion of a k-FIFO queue which may dequeue elements out of FIFO order up to a constant k≥0. Retrieving the oldest element from the queue may require up to k+1 dequeue operationsExpand
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Computer-Aided Classification of Zoom-Endoscopical Images Using Fourier Filters
This paper describes an application of machine learning techniques and evolutionary algorithms to colon cancer diagnosis. We propose an automated classification system for endoscopical images, whichExpand
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Pit Pattern Classification of Zoom-Endoscopical Colon Images Using DCT and FFT
This work presents a classification approach for images taken from magnifying colonoscopy. Classification is done according to the pit pattern scheme. Images are not classified directly in theExpand
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Phase-Aware Web Browser Power Management on HMP Platforms
Over the last years, web browsing has been steadily shifting from desktop computers to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However, mobile browsers available today have mainly focused onExpand
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Fast and Scalable, Lock-Free k-FIFO Queues
We introduce fast and scalable algorithms that implement bounded- and unbounded-size lock-free k-FIFO queues on parallel, shared memory hardware. Logically, a k-FIFO queue can be understood as queueExpand
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