Hannes Muhr

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Clock synchronization over packet-oriented networks is an enabling technology for many distributed applications especially in automation. To that end it is of great interest to obtain a worst case bound on the deviation between the clocks of any two nodes, known as clock precision. This article describes the steps involved in order to achieve a higher(More)
We overexpressed two deletion mutants of the N-terminal domain of beta-catenin in ventral optic axons in living Xenopus tadpoles. One deletion mutant contained both the alpha-catenin and the GSK-3beta binding sites of the N-terminal domain of beta-catenin (NTERM), and the second deletion mutant contained only the GSK-3beta binding site (beta-cat107).(More)
—Low power consumption of electronic devices has been an important requirement for many cyber-physical systems in field. Today, power dissipation is often estimated by spreadsheet-based power analysis. A leading-edge high-level power analysis method has the objective of providing high confidence levels in early design stages, where power design decisions(More)
— With the ever increasing complexity of electronic systems and the fact that networked embedded systems become more and more widespread, substantial research has already been devoted to such issues as hardware-software co-design and co-verification, virtual prototypes, and heterogeneous simulation environments including instruction set simulators. The work(More)
The quality of Al 2 O 3-TiO 2 mixed oxides produced in continuous mode by using two original rapid mixers (the impinging jets and the sliding surface mixing device) as precipitation reactors is compared with one obtained by a standard stirred tank. The properties of agglomerate particles strongly depend on the operating conditions and particularly on the(More)
— In recent years designers of embedded computer systems face a tremendous growth in complexity of their systems. This, together with the fact that the used system clock frequencies rise and that the real time required to see features start up and work correctly in an embedded system also increases, let skyrocket the simulation times of event based(More)
The problem of how to synchronize clocks distributed in space accurately over a packet oriented network is since years very well understood. Various ways to achieve this goal have been published and analyzed. This article will summarize the most important results and after briefly discussing the basic clock synchronization algorithm principles it will show(More)
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