Hannes Keller

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This study was intended to determine the effects of extremely low birthweight (ELBW, 500 to 999 g) and very low birthweight (VLBW, 1000 to 1499 g) on neuromotor ability in 5- to 7-year-old children. Fourteen ELBW and 20 VLBW children were compared with 24 term control children of normal birthweight (NBW, >2500 g). Using quantitative assessment instruments,(More)
We prove the existence of random attractors for nonlinear sto-chastic hyperbolic diierential equations. The nonlinearity of this equation has similar properties as the nonlinearity of the Sine Gordon equation. We consider a diiusion term depending on the state variable. To prove the existence of a random attractor we transform the stochastic hyperbolic(More)
Our material consisted of 100 adult skulls and 50 adult half-head sections where the posterior opening of the pterygopalatinate fossa and the position of the pterygopalatinate ganglion were investigated. The report contains the following specifics: 1. Course and contents of the pterygoidal canal as well as the topographical relations of the canal to the(More)
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