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We prove the existence of random attractors for nonlinear sto-chastic hyperbolic diierential equations. The nonlinearity of this equation has similar properties as the nonlinearity of the Sine Gordon equation. We consider a diiusion term depending on the state variable. To prove the existence of a random attractor we transform the stochastic hyperbolic(More)
PURPOSE The values in a PET image which represent activity concentrations of a radioactive tracer are influenced by a large number of parameters including patient conditions as well as image acquisition and reconstruction. This work investigates noise characteristics in PET images for various image acquisition and image reconstruction parameters. METHODS(More)
We evaluated the usefulness of a recently described procedure to assess the analytical performance of an assay. To demonstrate the advantages of this approach, we compared the performance of two analytical systems for determining prostate-specific antigen (PSA). Triplicate measurements of PSA with the IMx (Abbott) and the ACS 180 (Ciba Corning) were used to(More)
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