Hannes Kühnel

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We extend the neural concepts of topological feature maps towards self-organization of auto-associative memory and hierarchical pattern classification. As is well-known, topological maps for statistical data sets store information on the associated probability densities. To extract that information we introduce a recurrent dynamics of signal processing. We(More)
There is some evidence in the literature that the pharmacokinetics of anticancer agents can be influenced by the presence of a tumor. Therefore several authors recommend pharmacokinetic studies of such drugs to be performed also in tumor-bearing animals (2, 5, 7). The aim of the present study was to evaluate the influence of different stages and routes of(More)
In rats, the pharmacokinetics of 14C-ambazone after i.v. and oral administration was studied. The results demonstrate that the compound is incompletely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, penetrates rapidly and to a high degree into various tissues and is preferentially eliminated via the kidneys. After i.v. administration of 50 mg/kg b.m. disposition(More)
The influence of age of experimental animals on the antileukemic activity, toxicity and distribution of ambazone, a new potential antineoplastic agent, was studied in 2- and 12-month-old B6D2F1 mice. The predominant effect observed was a significant reduction of the antileukemic action of this compound in old-aged mice. Together with a slight increase in(More)
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