Hannes Gruber

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Injection therapies play a major role in the treatment of low back pain and radiculopathy and are becoming integral parts of a multidisciplinary approach in treatment and rehabilitation of patients with pain. Pararadicular- and facet-joint injections in the lumbar spine are preferentially performed with computed tomography (CT) or fluoroscopy-guidance. In(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to show the efficacy of ultrasound in facilitating the performance of a simulated cervical periradicular injection in cadavers. METHODS A total of 40 ultrasound-guided examinations at 4 levels (C3 to C7) were performed on 4 embalmed cadavers. The cervical spinal nerves were located with ultrasound.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine feasibility of ultrasonography in detecting the normal accessory nerve as well as pathologic changes in cases of accessory nerve palsy. METHODS Four patients with accessory nerve palsy were investigated by ultrasonography. Three cases of accessory nerve palsy after lymph node biopsy and neck dissection were primarily diagnosed on(More)
  • H Gruber
  • 1985
Computerized static perimetry is helpful in the diagnosis of lesions of the extrabulbar afferent visual system. Especially in cases with optic neuropathies static perimetry provides some advantages over kinetic methods: Early recognition of relative defects, especially of scotomas of low density. The results of the examination are independent of the(More)
The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a common site of complaint. Clicking sounds and pain are indicators of a frequent condition called internal derangement, most often affecting females. As a general term, internal derangement describes a structural abnormality within an articulation. The internal derangement of the TMJ is a specific term defined as an(More)
Anatomical variants can be found throughout the whole body. Especially in the knee region, some variability has been reported concerning the osseous, tendinous, and muscular system. Beside a few cases of patellar tendon aplasia, no anatomical variations of this tendon are known. We present a rare case of a doubled patellar tendon as an anatomical variant,(More)
Prioritization decisions in general aim at conducting assessment of several alternatives that are characterized by multiple conflicting attributes, which are intertwined by the competing preferences of multiple assessors. These assessments personifying various forms of ambiguity such as uncertainty, ignorance, vagueness and fuzziness have to be aggregated(More)
OBJECTIVES A prospective randomized clinical trial was conducted to evaluate accuracy, time-saving, radiation doses and pain relief of ultrasound-guided (US) facet joint injections versus Computed Tomography (CT)-controlled interventions in the cervical spine. MATERIAL AND METHODS Forty adult patients were consecutively enrolled and randomly assigned to(More)
PURPOSE Postoperative brachial plexus lesion has been reported only rarely after catheterization of the right internal jugular vein (RIJV), and then is usually considered to be the result of puncture hematoma. CLINICAL FEATURES We here present the case of plexus brachialis injury after catheterization of the RIJV with ultrasonography showing direct(More)