Hannelore Derluyn

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We study the spontaneous nucleation and growth of sodium chloride crystals induced by controlled evaporation in confined geometries (microcapillaries) spanning several orders of magnitude in volume. In all experiments, the nucleation happens reproducibly at a very high supersaturation S ∼ 1.6 and is independent of the size, shape, and surface properties of(More)
The effectiveness of Microbiologically Induced Carbonate Precipitation (MICP) from the formate oxidation by Methylocystis parvus OBBP as an alternative process for concrete protection was investigated. MICP was induced on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), the model material, by immersing the material in 10(9) M. parvus cells mL(-1) containing 5 g L(-1) of(More)
The independent domain theory is used to analyze the influence of sorption hysteresis on the behavior of wood exposed to environmental conditions. Due to hysteresis, sorption history of wood has an impact on its performance under varying moisture conditions. An integrated Preisach–Mayergoyz (IPM) approach that is phenomenologically sound and insightful(More)
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