Hanneke van Leur

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In natural populations of Barbarea vulgaris we found two distinctly different glucosinolate profiles. The most common glucosinolate profile is dominated (94%) by the hydroxylated form, (S)-2-hydroxy-2-phenylethyl-glucosinolate (glucobarbarin, BAR-type), whereas in the other type 2-phenylethyl-glucosinolate (gluconasturtiin, NAS-type) was most prominent(More)
The composition of secondary metabolites and the nutritional value of a plant both determine herbivore preference and performance. The genetically determined glucosinolate pattern of Barbarea vulgaris can be dominated by either glucobarbarin (BAR-type) or by gluconasturtiin (NAS-type). Because of the structural differences, these glucosinolates may have(More)
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