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Cannabinoid receptors are widely distributed in the nuclei of the extrapyramidal motor and mesolimbic reward systems; their exact functions are, however, not known. The aim of the present study was to characterize the effects of cannabinoids on the electrically evoked release of endogenous dopamine in the corpus striatum and the nucleus accumbens. In rat(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to set up reference values for Doppler flow-derived left ventricular filling parameters and to evaluate physiologic determinants of changes in signal expression related to maturation. BACKGROUND In left ventricular diastolic function studies, age-related modulations in signal expression are observed. Assuming(More)
A novel SQUID vector magnetometer system is introduced which has been specially designed for the use inside the strongly magnetically shielded room BMSR-2 of PTB. The system is housed in a dewar with a flat bottom and an inner diameter of Ø 250 mm. The SQUIDs are arranged so that in addition to the usually measured Z-component of the field the horizontal(More)
Signals from 37 magnetocardiographic sensors and simultaneously recorded 32 ECG leads were obtained in three healthy male subjects (including two reinvestigations). After recordings at rest, the heart rate was increased by pharmacologic stress (117 to 142 beats/min). Comparison of the repolarization of rest and stress showed substantial changes in the(More)
A 37-channel DC SQUID magnetometer system has been built for biomagnetic studies. The SQUID loop of each magnetometer serves as the active sensing element, thereby eliminating the need for flux coupling circuits. The magnetometers are located approximately 3 cm above the outer dewar bottom. The SQUIDs are directly coupled to highly simplified read-out(More)
A telemetric tool for the evaluation and re-evaluation of a series of digitized 12-lead ECG samples from an individual patient was developed. The solution involves a standard PC-based client/server concept with communication via Internet. The ECG is recorded on a commercial Web-linked PC-based device and the pre-processed data are transmitted to the server(More)
Two cases of infantile liver cirrhosis of unknown origin occurred in a circumscribed rural area of Northern Germany. Both children had increased dietary copper exposure. The search for additional cases of what appeared to be idiopathic copper toxicosis (ICT) revealed a cluster of affected infants in this region, raising questions about the relative(More)