Hanne Fersøe

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This paper presents specifications and requirements for creation and validation of large lexica that are needed in automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and statistical Speech-to-Speech Translation (SST) systems. The prepared language resources are created and validated within the scope of the EU-project LC-STAR (Lexica and Corpora for(More)
This paper describes the results of work made for ELRA during 2003-2004. It describes the methodology for validation of written language resources (WLRs), specifically lexica, which has been developed for ELRA and tested on a few resources in the ELRA catalogue. It discusses the importance of key issues in lexicon creation and validation such as the(More)
In this paper we present general strategies concerning Language Resources (LRs) – Written, Spoken and, recently, Multimodal – as developed within the ENABLER Thematic Network. LRs are a central component of the so-called " linguistic infrastructure " (the other key element being Evaluation), necessary for the development of any Human Language Technology(More)
LC-STAR II is a follow-up project of the EU funded project LC-STAR (Lexica and Corpora for Speech-to-Speech Translation Components , IST-2001-32216). LC-STAR II develops large lexica containing information for speech processing in ten languages targeting especially automatic speech recognition and text to speech synthesis but also other applications like(More)
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