Hanne B. McPeak

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Two challenges in the management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome are the difficulty in diagnosing cyclical atelectasis, and in individualising mechanical ventilation therapy in real-time. Commercial optical oxygen sensors can detect [Formula: see text] oscillations associated with cyclical atelectasis, but are not accurate at saturation levels below(More)
The kinetics of the reaction between superoxide and carbon dioxide are investigated at a 10 mm gold disc microelectrode in three non-aqueous solvent systems (dimethylsulphoxide, N,N-dimethylformamide and acetonitrile), and are observed to be first-order with respect to both superoxide and carbon dioxide in all three cases, with a DISP1-type pathway likely(More)
BACKGROUND There is considerable interest in oxygen partial pressure (Po2) monitoring in physiology, and in tracking Po2 changes dynamically when it varies rapidly. For example, arterial Po2 ([Formula: see text]) can vary within the respiratory cycle in cyclical atelectasis (CA), where [Formula: see text] is thought to increase and decrease during(More)
Keywords: Optical oxygen sensors Polymer optical fibres Time response testing Intravascular sensor a b s t r a c t Very fast sensors that are able to track rapid changes in oxygen partial pressure (PO 2) in the gas and liquid phases are increasingly required in scientific research – particularly in the life sciences. Recent interest in monitoring very fast(More)
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