Hannan El-Hajj

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DNA fingerprinting of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is used to study the epidemiology of tuberculosis, but the specificity of the widely used IS6110 technique has not been validated. Isolates from Denver, Colorado from December 1988 through June 1994 were fingerprinted with the IS6110 technique. Available records were reviewed for patients whose isolates were(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to assess the right heart's response to percutaneous device closure of moderate sized atrial septal defects (ASDs) in adults over a one-year follow-up period. BACKGROUND Percutaneous ASD device closure is a safe and effective means of reducing or eliminating interatrial shunting. The response of the adult's right heart to device(More)
BACKGROUND The interest in finding ways to bridge the gap between nursing research and implementation of findings into practice has been increasing. Clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) may be a bridge between frontline nurses and current developments in practice. While several researchers have studied the use of evidence by nurses in general, no known studies(More)
The frequency of false-positive cultures for Mycobacterium tuberculosis due to cross-contamination has been difficult to determine because of the lack of specific strain markers. Isolates collected prospectively over 5 yr from a municipal health department laboratory underwent DNA fingerprinting using the IS6110 and pTBN12 sequences. We reviewed the(More)
Acquired rifampin resistance without preexisting isoniazid resistance is highly unusual in patients with tuberculosis. The purpose of this report is to describe and characterize that unusual pattern of acquired drug resistance in three patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. The patients originally had Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains(More)
The propensity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genotypes to spread across geographic boundaries was investigated by comparing the IS6110 and polymorphic GC-rich sequence patterns of M. tuberculosis isolates from San Francisco and the East Bay, two distinct regions separated by San Francisco Bay. Of 724 isolates from incident tuberculosis patients during 1992(More)
BACKGROUND Verrucous carcinoma of the oral cavity is a rare entity that was formerly controversial. Etiopathogenesis remains unclear, notably as for its possible association with lichen planus. We report a case of verrucous carcinoma occurring in lesions of lichen planus of the tongue. CASE REPORT A 78-year old, non smoking patient, with past history of(More)
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